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Here, we delve into the world of craftsmanship and creativity, bringing you insightful editorials that explore the beauty, innovation and processes within customised furniture and interior spaces.

Adler Chest of Drawers shown in Walnut Dark French polish, with Antique Brass handles

French Polishing

French Polish is a traditional wood finishing technique known for its highly polished and durable results. This time-honoured method involves applying thin layers of shellac to create a lustrous surface that brings out the natural beauty of wood. The French polishing process consists of using a cloth pad dipped in…

A selection of wood stains

Does Language Affect How We Perceive Colour?

Amazingly, our ability to recognise colour is influenced by the language we speak. If that sounds ridiculous, then you might be interested in the results of a 2006 study into the Himba tribe from northern Namibia. [1] Two groups – one English, the other Himba – were first shown a…